Lily's Party

from by the balboans



three seeds of ideas got sprinkled on the ground and became one


Lily's Party © 2008

i've been to the river where the holy men go
climbed up the mountain barefoot in the snow
burned my face in the fiery wind
went skinny dipping where the crocodiles swim

tasted the nectar worm on my tongue
spread my love to every one
sat in shade of the bodhi tree
followed my guide to the big blue sea

bronzed my skin like a mayan king
touched the stone at the end of the ring
washed in the lake at the volcano's feet
all this and more just to feel complete

i could search the world for another fifty years
aint gonna find a better home then you've got right here

buy a big car build a high wall
make pretty damn sure that you got it all
with your trophy wife and your gifted school
with your hangers on to tell you that you're cool

well you cleaned up the park and you fenced off the beach
keep all the good shit just out of reach
have your helicopter take you uptown
but all my people are underground

you could search the world for another fifty years
aint gonna find a better home than you got right here

i sprinkled some seeds on the ground waited for the sun to come and bake
then i prayed up some rain to come down and watched the seeds turn into sprigs
sprigs become branches and branches are arms
and they are long and they are beautiful
all of my friends are right here i wanna put my arms around
let me throw my arms around you


from We Are Together, released October 9, 2008
Loam Disher- Vocals
Tate Overton- Bass, Vocals
Mike Crehore- Guitars, Vocals, Engineering, Mixing
Bobby Siems- Drums, Vocals


all rights reserved



the balboans New York, New York

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